Our Mentors

Our mentors put students first, to help with exams and career guidance

Our Mentors

Mr. Gautam Puri (GP)

The Vice Chairman and Managing Director of CL Educate, Mr. Gautam Puri is a chemical engineer from Panjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. He is also an alumni of IIM Bangalore. GP lives and breathes the mantra of students first, and is a popular mentor among students and faculty members alike. GP has over 20 years of experience in the education sector - both as a teacher and in leading one of the largest test prep companies in India.

GP ka Funda

Mr. R. Shiva Kumar

The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of CL Educate, Mr. R. Shiva Kumar is an An alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Kolkata, Shivku is the academic anchor of CL Educate. He leads the company in defining and managing the core curriculum across programs. It is Shivku's focus on academic excellence that gives CL Educate its edge in the classroom.